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swamp ass

or monkey butt [swomp as]

What does swamp ass mean?

Swamp ass involves a sweaty wetness in the butt crack or general nether region that may soak through the underwear, even the pants. Chafing and funky odors are also common symptoms. Beware.

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Where does swamp ass come from?

People of Lancaster

People have been calling this summertime affliction swamp ass since at least 1995, when one anonymous internet Usenet poster told another “your mother smells like swamp ass” in, as it happens, an icy argument about hockey. The slang made its Urban Dictionary debut in 2002.

Swamp ass got a signal boost in 2011, when actor and nerd icon Nathan Fillion issued a humorous PSA about the dangers of developing swamp ass while gaming: “Prolonged gaming sessions can create a humid, bayou-style climate in the back of your pants.”

The term stuck, and the arrival of summer each year is marked by articles, listicles, and advice columns online helping readers avoid the quagmire of swamp ass.

Examples of swamp ass
@ NOAA has declared today a SwampAss Action Day. Don’t forget the powder. And if that’s not a thing, it should be. @turdpolisher, May, 2018
Most guys equate the term “swamp ass” with a level of sweating that leads to drenched underwear, which is nasty for pretty much anyone involved.
Audrey Morgan, Men’s Health, July, 2018
When I become a stripper imma have a cute name for each season: / Fall: Cinnamon / Winter: Snowflake / Spring: Blossom / Summer: Swamp Ass
@bittykittytitty, July, 2018

Who uses swamp ass?

Swamp ass is a familiar, crude, but all-too-apt complaint of potty-mouthed men and women in the dog days of summer.

People of Lancaster

Swamp Ass is also the name of a Wisconsin company that makes powder to sprinkle in between your buns to keep them dry and fresh. Their competitor, Anti Monkey Butt, has declared June 21st, the first day of summer, Swamp Ass Awareness Day, spreading the word about butt perspiration with contests and a hashtag.

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers center John Wade was nicknamed Swamp Ass by quarterback Chris Simms for the sweatiness of his bum when playing in the Florida heat.

If you suffer from swamp ass, experts recommend using talcum powder or cornstarch; wearing wicking underwear or linen pants; avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods; and carrying baby wipes to freshen up on the go. In extreme cases, a doctor can use Botox to temporarily dry out swamp ass. At $2,400 a treatment, which lasts about six months, we hope it at least makes your butt look younger while draining the swamp ass.

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